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Need Attorney Help in New Jersey with Willful Exposure to HIV and STDs

Willful ExposureThe presumptive purpose of HIV willful exposure laws is to encourage persons living with HIV to disclose their positive status to sexual partners, increase HIV-protective behaviors, and ultimately reduce new infections. A recent study provides that only 51% of HIV-positive participants living in New Jersey, a state with an HIV exposure law, were aware of the law.

Traditional criminal offenses such as reckless endangerment or battery can also be used to prosecute HIV exposure. And in addition to criminal charges, there are civil lawsuits in the courts involving exposure to both HIV and STDs. If you did not have the intent to expose your partner to an infectious disease, an experienced lawyer from Bergen Sex Crimes Lawyer may be able to prove your innocence.

In civil cases involving willful exposure, defendants are sued over the alleged the intentional or reckless infection or transmission of sexual diseases. But with an effective attorney, intent to expose someone to an infectious disease is difficult to prove. Logically, the question also arises as to whether or not the accuser had other sexual partners. Your lawyer can help you determine the facts in your case and then structure the best defense.

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