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Sexual Assault Defense AttorneysDo you need or are you looking for sexual assault defense attorneys in New Jersey? An accusation of rape or sexual assault can mean your freedom, reputation and future are at stake. Time constraints are an urgent consideration when you or a loved one has been accused and a comprehensive and competent defense against sexual assault or rape charges are immediately imperative.

The penalties can be harsh and are contingent upon factors such as the degree of violence, threats or coercion used in an alleged act. Also considered can be whether the offender was in a position of authority or power, as well as the ages of the alleged perpetrator and victim. A conviction can lead to decades of jail time. The persons making allegations could also pursue civil lawsuits in the aftermath of a successful criminal prosecution. Then upon release from prison, there is a requirement to register as a sex offender for the remainder of one’s life. Your conviction, photograph, name and address will be available across the internet. If you have been accused, arrested or are being investigated for rape or sexual assault, it is vital to maintain your freedom and protect your rights and standing in the community.

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