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Facing Charges and Need a Solicitation or Prostitution Defense Lawyer?

Prostitution Defense LawyerIf you have been cited for solicitation or prostitution in New Jersey, you need a solicitation and prostitution defense lawyer on your side to protect your rights. Circumstances are often vague and uncertain. Anyone can also be accused of a crime which we have not committed or be accused of something we did unintentionally due to lack of awareness. Many find themselves victims of police entrapment when innocently lured into situations they misread or misunderstood. The resulting allegations can affect your family, your job and your future. It is very important to hire a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with prostitution or solicitation.

Frequently, there may be some confusion or misconception about solicitation and prostitution and what the difference may be between the two if one is charged. The acceptance of money by an individual in exchange for sex acts performed on another individual is generally defined as prostitution. Solicitation is may involve the act of propositioning another person to accept money in exchange sex.  Bergen Sex Crime Lawyer works with clients to remove as much uncertainty from the process as possible. If we do not get the charges dismissed or reduced, we always endeavor to obtain the best deal for our clients.

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