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New Jersey Sex Offender LawyerIf you have been accused, charged or are under investigation for of committing a sexual assault, sexual abuse or rape, you need a New Jersey sex offender lawyer. A conviction carries what are among the most severe penalties in the criminal justice system. Additionally, lifetime sex offender registration ensures most will never escape their past. This can adversely affect one’s ability to gain housing, employment, and much, much more. You do not have to let this happen to you when stable homes, jobs and family ties are important factor in deterring future crimes.

The stigma and societal rejection that follows anyone convicted of a sex crime is enough to frighten the accused into accepting a plea. And if you choose to go that route, that option is completely understandable. We can help you weigh whether a reduction in charges is right for you and then negotiate this fairly and effectively. A reduction in the severity of the charge can sometime be a tremendous benefit to a defendant and their future.

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in New Jersey, it is urgent that you contact a competent and effective New Jersey sex offender lawyer to ensure your rights are protected in what will be a complicated legal process.

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