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New Jersey Law ServicesYour Full-Service Law Firm in Northern New Jersey

Yampaglia Law: Are you in need of legal guidance or New Jersey Law Services? The Law Office of Mark Yampaglia in New Jersey has been distinguished by its winning record, commitment to clients, and service to the community.

Mark Yampaglia obtained his Juris Doctorate in 2002 from the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center at Touro College, graduating in the top third of his class. He then began his career in 2002 engaging in general practice. He was appointed as a public defender in North Arlington in 2005 and was elected to the City Council in 2006.

Yampaglia Law is well equipped to handle your case. We provide open, honest answers to clients’ legal questions and have earned a reputation for superior service. Contact us for a meeting in our office at a convenient time for you or consultation over the phone. Learn More!

Been Arrested and Need a Passaic Drug Lawyer?

Passaic Drug LawyerPassaic Drug Lawyer: If you live in Passaic County and have been charged with a drug offense, you may want to explore your options for a competent and effective defense.

It is important to look for a Passaic Drug Lawyer who specifically handles drug law defense that protects the accused or defendant. Not all attorneys do this and few do it effectively. Passaic Drug Lawyer specializes in representing defendants who have been charged with trafficking, distribution, manufacture, possession, cultivation and paraphernalia. Our goal is to help you avoid a criminal record and the serious penalties that may otherwise be enforced.

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with the sale or possession of illegal drugs, you need the assistance of an attorney with experience. Contact Passaic Drug Lawyer to find out how we can help you preserve your rights. We are committed to helping you with a vigorous defense and our commitment to helping you obtain the best possible results for your specific circumstances. Learn More!


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