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Child Pornography AttorneysChild pornography attorneys have become busy in past decades and with the advent of the internet and as child pornography has proliferated. Pornographic materials featuring children is both egregious and unlawful, thus authorities around the world, and in the United States and New Jersey have begun aggressively targeting those who manufacture, possess, share and distribute pornographic images featuring children. If arrested or under investigation for child pornography, those found guilty can face what is among the most severe sentencing seen in the courts.

As sex crimes against children are more vigorously pursued, those wrongly accused may discover that an individual can be charged and even convicted of child pornography possession. This sometimes happens even if they were unaware that the material was on their computer or handheld device. Alarmingly, illegal child pornographic files can be placed one one’s computer or device through viruses and spam email. It is a frightening reality that child pornography may exist unknown to users on their computers through popups, deleted and unopened spam emails. Most frequently, a device or computer has been shared with other users, known and unknown, and the owner gets falsely accused. It can be a complex matter which requires a child pornography attorney who can provide an effective and aggressive legal defense.

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