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Bergen County Sex Offender Lawyer: Registration Assistance and Advice

Bergen County Sex Offender LawyerIf you are a convicted sex offender, a Bergen County Sex Offender Lawyer can be of tremendous help to you. Sex offenders convicted since October 31, 1994 when Megan’s Law went into effect or who were actively serving a sentence at that time are required to register in New Jersey.

Sex offenders found to be compulsive and repetitive by the courts, regardless of the date of their conviction, are also required to register. Within ten days of moving to New Jersey, sex offenders convicted in any other state are required to register.

Bergen Sex Crimes Lawyer is available to help you with questions about the sex offender registry, registration and other criminal law matters related to any sex crime in New Jersey- even if the conviction took place out of state. Learn more about New Jersey sex offender registration requirements during a free consultation at any of our North Jersey offices.

Accusations of sexual abuse, assault, rape or statutory rape can cause lifelong repercussions beyond any defined criminal penalties. Your rights must be aggressively defended no matter if the charge involves cyber sex crimes or public indecency laws. You can also count on us for direct and honest assessment of your case.

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